Screen4 Limited Announces launch of the PHE Approved ROCHE Antibody Test for Covid-19, this is in response to the need for a managed and clear Return to Work Strategy.  The UK Government announced that PHE approved the ROCHE Anti body Tests last week.

Screen4 Ltd had already been evaluating this specific test with our laboratory partners and were able to launch immediately with a ‘finger prick’ option – removing the need for a phlebotomist to take the sample.. 

“This back to lab blood test provides the most accurate type of test to measure the levels of potential antibodies following infection by the COVID-19 Virus” said David Grouse, Director at Screen4 Limited

Benefits to users:

This test will allow individuals to clearly understand the level of antibodies within their system – post infection of the COVID-19 virus.

This ROCHE antibody test is acknowledged to be the most accurate available on the market in the world at this time – reinforcing the UK. Gov decision to accredit it via its Porton Down laboratory facility.

 “This Test is complementary to our existing ROCHE – PCR swab test, as used in the NHS, to provide a full picture of infection and post infection,” said David Grouse, Director , Screen4 Limited  “we are working with clients across the Construction, Aviation, financial services, Transport and petrochemical industries to implement a managed Return to Work Strategy based on known risks and clear information.

The challenges faced by companies at this time is unprecedented, they need to get their staff back to work in a safe and controlled way and to do that they need clear information about their staff and the level of risk posed by returning to the workplace for possible infection by the COVID-19 virus”

Product Information

This ROCHE antibody  test is based on the proven ELISA Platform and tests for total Antibodies – based on IgG and IgM, this dual approach gives a high accuracy level of detection and provides actual levels of any relevant antibodies present.

Sensitivity = 100%

Specificity = 99.8%

The test is CE marked for use across the European union and the analysis is carried out in a German based laboratory which is accredited to ISO15189.

Current turnaround time is 2 days from receipt at the laboratory

The test is being sent direct to clients and individuals from Screen4 and the test can be carried out at home using a finger prick and collection of a blood sample. This is then sent via Courier to our accredited lab in Europe.