Can Screen4 PCR tests identify the new Variants?

Screen4 and partners are committed to providing our customers with gold-standard diagnostic technology. We can confirm that our assays do in fact detect and test for the new variants of Covid19. Our Covid19 Diagnostics Tests use a multi-target (orf1ab, N gene, s gene) design to compensate for emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants and mutations. 

We are currently working on sequencing of positive results to help and identify particular strains and provide data to the UK Government. 

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Known Mutations and Variants

Multiple Covid19 variants have recently made headlines, including a new UK variant and a South African variant.. Both have multiple mutations in the S gene, though the variants emerged independently. There is no indication that either is associated with more severe disease, but both are believed to be significantly more transmissible and therefore have potential to increase hospitalisations and deaths, especially in areas with already at-capacity healthcare systems.

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