Breath Alcohol Testing

We offer several alcohol testing products ranging from legally defensible calibrated breathalysers, Intoximeters USA and Rapid Screening using Senseair Sesame technology.

Alcohol is absorbed into the blood stream within a few minutes of consumption. It has an initial stimulant effect, acts as a depressant, dehydrates the body tissues and even at levels below the legal drink and drive limits will affect coordination, reaction times, thinking, judgement and mood.

The easiest way of detecting levels of Alcohol in a person is by taking a breath sample. This is a straight forward process which is not intrusive. Using a calibrated instrument such as the Intoximeters VXL device, the result may be used as evidence.

The benefits of breath testing for alcohol are:

  • An evidential print out is instantly obtained for each test
  • The results gained are fully legally defensible
  • Quick, easy non-intrusive
  • A calibrated instrument will be used for all tests carried out

Sesame Connect Device

Sesame™ Connect enables alcohol screening of all safety-sensitive personnel on a daily basis. The use of contactless assessment (no mouthpiece required) allows a quick and easy process with throughput of up to 360 persons per hour with a single unit.

In state-of-the-art breath analysers, the subject has to deliver a forced and prolonged expiration into a mouthpiece. This procedure is time-consuming and requires a significant effort for persons with reduced lung capacity. For hygiene reasons, mouthpieces have to be exchangeable, disposable and taken care of.

With the Sesame technology the subject can deliver a short puff of air at 5-10 cm distance to the sensor. Due to the relatively small variability of the undiluted CO2 concentration between individuals, the measured diluted breath alcohol (BrAC) concentration can be normalized using the dilution factor (CO2undiluted/CO2diluted), thus representing the undiluted value.

Both alcohol and CO2 are measured using non-dispersive infrared spectroscopy (NDIR). Sesame’s partner SenseAir has built a powerful technology platform for NDIR analysers and have developed a flexible user interface enabling a multitude of breath analyser configurations to be generated.

If you would like to find out more about Breath Alcohol testing please contact us.


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