Higher Education

Higher Education

Screen4 provide a worldwide service that is tailored to individual markets and regional differences for the collection and analysis of samples as part of a Drug and Alcohol Program. There are significant risks in High School and Higher Education of significant peer pressure and opportunity of the ‘wrong’ kind. Screen4 are here to help minimise this risk and to be able to help institutions manage an effective deterrent across the campus / school population Screen4 can provide effective and proven methods of Drug detection that can span the immediate past up to 3 Months overview.


We use a unique combination of non-invasive technologies to do this:

Fingerprint Drug testing technology can provide a rapid and accurate test in under 10 minutes and can screen for up to 9 drugs of abuse and provides an accurate picture of consumption over the 1-5 days.

Hair testing technology can provide additional comfort by being able to ‘look back’ over a period from 1 week up to 3 months or more.

Screening of 100% of people for alcohol every day using a Sesame device in a non-invasive and fast method. Used as part of ID and controlled access this can virtually eliminate the risk of alcohol affecting the day to day running of your facility. Evidential grade breathalysers to test for Alcohol consumption. 

Our Operations teams based in UK /Hong Kong / Singapore / Bangkok / UAE / Bahrain can provide local testing services and support for your program.

Screen4 is an independent organisation and we can manage the whole Random and With Cause program for you – providing a professional and reliable proven service.

All of our testing processes are carried out under Chain of Custody procedures and all analysis is carried out in line with the international ISO17025 Accreditation standard.

Speak to us now so that we can discuss how to reduce and help eliminate the risk of drugs of abuse from within your populous.

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